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Mulier Bellator Fitness

Fabric Resistance Bands

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Stretching, easy to create attractive curves.
Strengthen your core and get a firm waistline.
Aids in correcting hunchback and straightening the backline.
Effectively improve arm back shaping.
Stretching and stretching, beautiful leg line.
Inside latex silk non-slip pattern does not shift to ensure the movement of stable non-rolling edge, pulling anti-breaking.
The edge of the reinforcement treatment, not only to enhance the elasticity of the use of the process to reduce the edge of the problem of turning out.


Material: Polyester
Product size: width 3.8cm length 208cm
Product specifications:
Red: 15-30 pounds/7-12KG
Black: 25-45 pounds/11-20KG
Purple: 35-60 pounds/16-30KG
Green: 45-90 pounds/21-40KG
Color: red, black, purple, green, combination set

Package Content:

Yoga belt x1

Directions for Use